Mate is a simple, powerful, and affordable solution to control and monitor your home from anywhere in the world. Mate Smartbox uses advanced technology to hide the complexity of home automation. It integrates seamlessly into your home and automatically communicates with all connected devices in the house.

Plug it into any outlet at home and control any device you want from your tablet, smartphone or computer.

  • Affordable for every home.
  • Scalability of tools & services.
  • Standard based.
  • Easy & user friendly Installation.
  • Easy automation.
  • Advanced security system.
  • Complete two way Z-Wave system.
  • Drag and drop rule creator.
  • Strong community support.
  • Unique smartbox.
  • Multi-standard, easy to upgrade.
  • SMS, MMS, VOICE message provisioning.

Mate Smartbox is exactly what you need to automate your home. Cost effective, simple to install, easy to use and very rich in features. It is the new brain of the smart and connected home.

Mate smart home automation was designed with the focus on simplicity and efficiency. Our solutions offer clients the ability to interact with and monitor their personal space from anywhere in the world. Following an in-depth home-style assessment, our technical experts customize and install Mate solutions, based on individual requirements and preferences.

Mate Smartbox Rule Creator can allow clients to create and implement their preferred automated actions in response to Events Triggers. Control of security, safety, lighting, energy, climate and video monitoring is available from your tablet, computer or smartphone.

The platform provides a drag and drop user-friendly web interface that allows anyone to customize their scenes.