• Special offer only in Lebanon.
  • Affordable home security solution.
  • Strong alarm system.
  • Live monitoring through Mate’s smartphone application.
  • Discounted bundle when bought online.
  • Includes installation anywhere in Lebanon.


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Take advantage of Mate’s online discount by purchasing this security bundle. The price includes VAT and installation anywhere in Lebanon.

By installing the Smart Security Bundle, you can rest assured that your house/apartment is secured. The IP Camera will give you access to monitor your house in real time, take snapshots and send them via email when a break-in is detected with the help of the door sensor. The smoke sensor will trigger messages, emails or phone calls whenever a fire or smoke is detected. You can make your house  even smarter with additional modules available from Mate.

The Mate™ Smart Security Bundle includes the following modules:

  • Mate Smartbox
  • Backup battery
  • IP Camera 
  • Smoke Sensor
  • Door Sensor
  • Affordable for every home.
  • Scalability of tools & services.
  • Standard based.
  • Easy & user friendly Installation.
  • Easy automation.
  • Advanced security system.
  • Complete two way Z-Wave system.
  • Drag and drop rule creator.
  • Strong community support.
  • Unique smartbox.
  • Multi-standard, easy to upgrade.
  • SMS, MMS, VOICE message provisioning.

Mate Smartbox is exactly what you need to automate your home. Cost effective, simple to install, easy to use and very rich in features. It is the new brain of the smart and connected home.

Mate smart home automation was designed with the focus on simplicity and efficiency. Our solutions offer clients the ability to interact with and monitor their personal space from anywhere in the world. Following an in-depth home-style assessment, our technical experts customize and install Mate solutions, based on individual requirements and preferences.

Mate Smartbox Rule Creator can allow clients to create and implement their preferred automated actions in response to Events Triggers. Control of security, safety, lighting, energy, climate and video monitoring is available from your tablet, computer or smartphone.

The platform provides a drag and drop user-friendly web interface that allows anyone to customize their scenes.


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