Everyone loves knowing their home is within reach anytime and from anywhere. Life is clearly made easier when you can control routine home activities, security, protection and energy conservation, especially when you’re away and need to keep an eye on your home. But how do you do all of this in an easy, efficient and cost-effective way?

With Mate Smartbox, home automation has never been easier. Mate Smartbox uses advanced technology to hide the complexity of home automation. It integrates seamlessly into your home and automatically talks to all the connected devices in the house. Plug it into any outlet at home and control any device you want from your tablet, smartphone, computer or TV.

Mate Smartbox is exactly what you need to automate your home. Cost effective, simple to install, easy to use and very rich in features, it is the new brain of the smart and connected home.



  • Easy installation of wireless modules.
  • Z-Wave lighting modules pre-configured for even easier setup. 
  • Support remote dimming and on/off switching with any smartphone. 
  • Automatically turn lights on at sunset and off at sunrise. 
  • Unlimited number of scenes supported. 
  • Turn lights on during emergencies. 
  • Advanced event based rules configuration. 
  • Auto-pilot lighting programs to discourage intruders while home is empty. 


  • Trigger alarms in case of: 
    • Intruder (motion sensors and door/ window sensors).
    • Fire (smoke sensors). 
    • Flood (water leakage sensors). 
    • Gas (CO sensors). 
    • Panic button. 
    • Duress (if someone force you to disarm your system).
    • Health care.
  • Remote arm/disarm and status-info with any smartphone.
  • Include arm/disarm commands in automation scenes and rules.


  • Multi-room heating and cooling control with any smartphone.
  • Advanced programing scheduler online, accessible over web browser.
  • Multi-zone humidity control by using standard humidifiers and dehumidifiers.
  • Create advanced event based rules to automate home climate based on other environmental and home events.
  • Include climate control in automation scenes together with alarm, lighting, shades, etc.
  • Notification and automated actions in case of over-temperature events, power outages, and other incidents.


  • Remotely lock/unlock your door with any smartphone.
  • Remotely open/close your garage door or gate with any smartphone.
  • Get video notification when door is open.
  • Use RFID tags to open doors and get detailed statistics about exits/entries.
  • automate doors/locks using scenarios and event based programing tool.
  • Trigger automation events when door lock user codes are entered.
  • Automatically unlock doors in the event of an emergency.
Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring

  • Access live and recorded video via the web and from any smartphone.
  • Support for most of the available IP cameras.
  • Get email with pictures and live video attached.
  • Create advanced event based recording and video notification rules.
Sun Shading

Sun Shading

  • Control blinds, roller-shutters, curtains and pergolas using any smartphone.
  • Automate motors by using our user friendly web interface.
  • Add your sun shading commands into home scenarios together with lights, climate, alarms, etc.
  • Easy installation using pre-configured wireless modules.


  • Control unlimited number of irrigation zones.
  • Use advanced programing options online to setup perfect irrigation process.
  • Integrate your irrigation scheme together with your complete home automation scenarios.


  • Remotely control your audio/video equipment with any smartphone.
  • Automatically turn on favorite shows when they air and get alerts.
  • Automatically turn off A/V equipment at pre-set time or when room is unoccupied.
  • Automatically turn on equipment to discourage intruders.